9-13 September 2015

Urgup, Turkey

Be one of the participants of the biggest cycling gathering in the history of Turkey that will be held in Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its outstanding natural beauty and unique history!

Life is like a non-stop festival in Cappadocia Cycling Festival!


Cyclists Village Gathering

9-12 September 2015

You will experience the unique wonders of Cappadocia, "The Land of Beautiful Horses", to the full in this 4 days!

Day 1 - Sarihidir, 47 km, 820 m+
Day 2 - Ozkonak, 60 km, 1080 m+
Day 3 - Uchisar, 38 km, 810 m+
Day 4 - Yesiloz, 49 km, 1000 m+

Max. Participants: 300

Registration Deadline: 2015/09/05

Salcano Cappadocia MTB Stage Races

11-13 September 2015

You'll enjoy every second while racing through the beautiful MTB tracks of Cappadocia during 3 different stages!

Individual Time Trial (XCT)
Point to Point Race (XCP)
Olympic MTB Race (XCO)

Only for riders with a valid UCI license

Registration Deadline: 2015/09/09

Veloturk Gran Fondo

12 September 2015

Participate in the excitement of first-to-be-held Gran Fondo in Turkey, where the nature and history are blended in the most beautiful way!

Long Course, 90 km, 2000 m+
Short Course, 47 km, 600 m+

100% of the entry fees will be used to fund Veloturk Charity Project, distributing 2000 bikes for 2000 underprivileged children in Eastern Turkey.

Max. Participants: 500/course

Registration Deadline: 2015/09/10

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Cyclists Village Gathering

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Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

Cappadocia Cyclists Village Gathering is a 4-day bicycle tour to be held on September 9-12, 2015.

Opening: Cycling Village is opened at 12:00 on September 8. Participants can put up their tents to the areas shown by the stuff from this hour. Only dinner will be served at the specified hours for the participants coming on September 8.

Closing: Cycling Village is closed at 12:00 on September 13. All participants are required to leave the area from this hour. Only breakfast will be served at the specified hours for the participants leaving on this date.

Days / Distances:

It aims to make local people love cycling with a number of social events to be held together with the tour and to introduce both cultural and natural features of Cappadocia to the cyclists coming from various regions of our country and abroad.

Cappadocia Cyclists Village Gathering, a joint project of our city that we plan to realize based on the pleasure of viewing the unique wonders of Cappadocia, The Land of Beautiful Horses in the rotational speed of a bicycle wheel, is a project which aims to bring together many cyclists from the different parts of our country and world. With a team blended with different cultures in different age ranges, creating a social sharing environment accompanied with camping and cycling activities is our main goal in order to emphasize the friendly, sympathetic, peaceful, and unifying aspects of cycling.

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List of Participants

NoName SurnameTeam / ClubBirth DateNationalityGender 
1.Abdullah ÖzdoğarIndividual1962 
2.Adem KayaIndividual1992 
3.Ahmet GülerIndividual1978 
4.Ahmet İdizIndividual1961 
5.Ahmet UçankuşP.A.B. Perşembe Akşamı Bisikletçileri (Anadolu)1962 
6.Ahmet YarlıganPedalşörler1972 
7.Ahmet Cem GezmişoğluIndividual1989 
8.Ahmet Nail YavuzTeos Bisiklet Grubu1959 
9.Alaiddin AzizoğluIndividual1970 
10.Alpay ŞahinIndividual1979 
11.Alper SevgiliIndividual1980 
12.Arif GünyaşarIndividual1973 
13.Aybars Öge SurucuIndividual1978 
14.Ayhan MansuroğluIndividual1970 
15.Ayhan yeniciIndividual1982 
16.Aynur GüneyAntalya Bisiklet Derneği1967 
17.Ayşegül OnayIndividual1975 
18.Baattin ŞimşekIndividual1961 
19.Bahadır AkmanBUBİDOSD1967 
20.Barış OnanIndividual1978 
21.Barış YahşiIndividual1985 
22.Bestami SancaktarIndividual1967 
23.Boğaç Oktay YapıcıIndividual1969 
24.Çetin YarlıganPedalşörler1965 
25.Damla ÖzdemirZeytinburnu Bisiklet Kulübü1985 
26.Davut KilIndividual1962 
27.Davut YılmazIndividual1986 
28.Deniz ŞahinIndividual1975 
29.Derya Zeynep KızılyalınIndividual1975 
30.Dilek KoçyiğitBahçelievler Turkuaz1969 
31.Durmuş BalBatı Ankara Bisiklet1977 
32.Edip ReyhanIndividual1966 
33.Elif Iliman PüsküllüoğluIndividual1986 
34.Eray ÇalımlıIndividual1983 
35.Ercüment KarabulutIndividual1978 
36.Ergün TezbulurIndividual1965 
37.Erham AkıncıIndividual1968 
38.Eyüp Selim LüleciBidost1980 
39.Ezel Sezici GülerIndividual1985 
40.Figen GülgörIndividual1969 
41.Gizem DalgıçIndividual1987 
42.Gökhan AkyalçınIndividual1977 
43.Gökhan SezginerIndividual1984 
44.Göksel GödüşIndividual1970 
45.Gönül GödüşIndividual1975 
46.Gönül TekeşPedalşörler1964 
47.Günsu GökyılmazZincir1978 
48.Gürkan ÖzkoçIndividual1967 
49.Hakan ÇetinIndividual1967 
50.Hakan ErcayIndividual1971 
51.Hakan gencerIndividual1972 
52.Hakan ÖgeIndividual1976 
53.Hasan BerberIndividual1975 
54.Hasan KaynalIndividual1963 
55.Hasan Hulki AlanPedalşörler1964 
56.Hilmi Serdar İskitIndividual1962 
57.İbrahim KurtPamukkale Bisiklet Derneği1964 
58.İbrahim SalarDelivelo1966 
59.İbrahim UygurIndividual1974 
60.İhsan AkyürekIndividual1958 
61.İlker AydınIndividual1970 
62.İrfan AkkayaIndividual1972 
63.İsmet KırcaburunIndividual1958 
64.Jale TürkTurkuaz Bisiklet1994 
65.Jiji Jale MereyPedalşörler1972 
66.Kaan Ersin ÇınarIndividual1995 
67.Kathy ConnerIndividual1963 
68.Kirsty ConnerIndividual1994 
69.Mehmet GörenIndividual1983 
70.Mehmet HalıcıoğluIndividual1972 
71.Melih Can ÖzgentürkTurkuaz Bisiklet1998 
72.Melike KorkmazIndividual1979 
73.Melike ÖzcanIndividual1985 
74.Meral ŞahinPedalşörler1960 
75.Meryem ÜnalIndividual1971 
76.Metin Hasan TektaşPedalşörler1963 
77.Muaz ŞamlıIndividual1986 
78.Müjdat BalTurkuaz Bakırköy1972 
79.Murat İbrahim UğurelMersin Bisiklet Derneği1977 
80.Nazım KeyirenIndividual1975 
81.Nedim TurhanIndividual1975 
82.Nesip KalacıIndividual1957 
83.Nilgün BaharIndividual1975 
84.Oğulcan KoçyiğitTurkuaz Bisiklet1998 
85.Oğuzhan ÇetinIndividual1981 
86.Onur PoyrazZincir1985 
87.Özcan ÖktemBisikletliler Derneği1991 
88.Özgür PüsküllüoğluIndividual1981 
89.Özgür SunaPamukkale Bisiklet Derneği1977 
90.Pelin ilgünIndividual1979 
91.Pınar KürekçiPedalşörler1971 
92.Ramazan TitizIndividual1983 
93.Riyad BozIndividual1970 
94.Şahap HarbutluIndividual1974 
95.Salim AkdaşTeam Istrunbul1978 
96.Saniye KarahanIndividual1981 
97.Sarp MerakiIndividual1984 
98.Sedat KökenPedalşörler1964 
99.Sedat YanturalıIndividual1970 
100.Selahattin ÜnalIndividual1968 
101.Şerafettin KayaIndividual1965 
102.Serkan BoyracıAnkyra1987 
103.Sevilay BilginPedalşörler1973 
104.Sevinç AksütZincir1961 
105.Sinan KarımanIndividual1980 
106.Süleyman Hakan GörenerIndividual1982 
107.Suzan GüvenIndividual1985 
108.Tamer ErginYTÜDAK1987 
109.Tuna Duru YanturalıIndividual1999 
110.Ufuk YılmazIndividual1970 
111.Uğur ZakuIndividual1993 
112.Uğurcan EceIndividual1991 
113.Ümit RezzukoğluIndividual1985 
114.Vehip BeyazgünIndividual1971 
115.Yalçın KoçIndividual1975 
116.Yaşar KaracamIndividual1968 
117.Yavuz SarıgülAdım Adım1977 
118.Yekta YarlıganPedalşörler1999 
119.Yıldız UyulganIndividual1975 
120.Yılmaz ÖzgentürkTurkuaz Bisiklet1966 
121.Zeynep ÖzyönümPedalşörler1979 

Salcano Cappadocia MTB Stage Races

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Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

Salcano Cappadocia Stage Race is a 3-day Cross Country Mountain Bike Race which is registered to UCI calendar as class S2.

The race will be held under the regulations of the UCI.

Salcano Cappadocia Stage Race consists of three race days including individual cross country time trial (XCT), point to point (XCP) and Olympic cross country (XCO). The courses take place along the hills and valleys of the unique Cappadocia region, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The race starts on September 11, 2015 at 12:00 in Urgup city center.

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List of Participants

NoName SurnameTeam / ClubBirth DateCategoryNationalityGender
1.Ağıt SalmanSakarya Üniversitesi Spor Kulübü1994N/A
2.Ali CakasMargenç Spor Kulübü1990N/A
3.Alpay ŞahinZincir1978N/A
4.Alper AktaşAtakum Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü1989N/A
5.Bora TirkiSpecialized Türkiye1972N/A
6.Cem Anamurluoğluİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1974N/A
7.Enes Müslüm ErdoğanHacettepe Üniversitesi Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü1993N/A
8.Faruk Dinçrivamad1993N/A
9.Gökay KonukEsbike Mountainbike Team1985N/A
10.İrfan TüretgenScott TR1973N/A
11.Kayhan ArıcaDelta Spor Kulübü1966Master Men 40+
12.Kürşat ÖztürkIndividual1982Master Men 30+
13.Mehmet Cemal YıldızDelta Spor Kulübü1974Master Men 40+
14.Ömer Cengiz İçdenIndividual1964N/A
15.Özer ÇatoriZuhal Fitness Cimnastik Gençlik Spor Kulübü1964N/A
16.Semra YetişKaraman Gençlik Spor Kulübü1987N/A
17.Servet Yamaç ÜnverIndividual1995N/A
18.Soner DemiralIndividual1974Master Men 40+
19.Yakup KadıoğluKocaeli Gençlik Hizmetleri1979N/A
20.Yunus Emre YılmazBrisaspor1996N/A

Veloturk Gran Fondo

Download GPS track

Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

Veloturk Gran Fondo is an amateur road race, consisting of two individual routes.

The race will be held under the regulations of the UCI and the Turkish Cycling Federation.

The longer, 90 km loop, starts from Ürgüp Town Center and finishes in Mountain Erciyes, an HC climb at 2200 m altitude.

The shorter, 47 km loop, starts from Ürgüp and finishes in town center after a beautiful sceneric ride in the heart of Cappadocia.

The 90 km race starts on September 12, 2015 at 08:00 in Urgup city center.

The 47 km race starts on September 12, 2015 at 08:30 in Urgup city center.

100% of the entry fees will be used to fund Veloturk Charity Project, distributing 2000 bikes for 2000 underprivileged children in Eastern Turkey.

2. Registration Fee

Payment due date for pre-registrants is April 20, 2015. Registrations of those who do not pay until that date will be deleted.

It will be compulsory to pay during the online registration after April 21, 2015.

List of Participants (Long Course)

NoName SurnameTeam / ClubBirth DateNationalityGender  
1.Abdurrahman AçıkalınIndividual1963  
2.Adam HerndonIndividual1983  
3.Ahmet AkayIndividual1968  
4.Ahmet ÇiftçiIndividual1965  
5.Ahmet KöksalIndividual1969  
6.Ahmet Adem OğuzAdıyaman Gençlik Spor Kulübü1973  
7.Ahmet Berat BegünIndividual1975  
8.Akın KılıçAlanya Doğa Sporları Kulübü1984  
9.Ali BıçaklıoğluIndividual1977  
10.Ali Emre ÜçüncüoğluIndividual1981  
11.Ali Rıza KarataşDerdiyoklar1985  
12.Alp AydınalpIndividual1967  
13.Alp DilgenIndividual1969  
14.Alpaslan SavacıIndividual1971  
15.Alper DemircanIndividual1990  
16.Alper YıldırımIndividual1981  
17.Alptekin BaşkırBabaeski Spor1973  
18.Arda TürkmenVeloturk1975  
19.Arkın ŞekerIndividual1985  
20.ASIM TAMER ATEŞBireysel1965  
21.Aydonat AtaseverBabaeski Spor1973  
22.Baki KayanDerdiyoklar1980  
23.Batuhan KalkanIndividual1990  
24.Bayram ÖztürkIndividual1991  
25.Bedir İlhanAvrupa Yakası Pedal Grubu1990  
26.Bener ErgüvenoğluIndividual1983  
27.Berk MercancıIndividual1995  
28.Berke Serdar MenderesIndividual1987  
29.Berkem CeylanVeloturk1990  
30.Bora YücelIndividual1975  
31.Bülent TatlıdilAvrupa Yakası Pedal Grubu1975  
32.Burak Hasan MercancıIndividual1988  
33.Çağatay BengiAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü1974  
34.Çağatay ÖzgüçIndividual1994  
35.Çağdaş CivelekVelonight1982  
36.Çağlar İbrahim Taşantrenmanprogrami.org1977  
37.Çağrı ÇalışkanIndividual1985  
38.Çağrı SoyluIndividual1985  
39.Can AksakalIndividual1979  
40.Can ElmasIndividual1966  
41.Can ÖzbekIndividual1983  
42.Can TekerIndividual1982  
43.Caner ÖzdağAbant Izzet Baysal Üniversitesi Dag Bisikleti1993  
44.Cem Kadri ÖzenenIndividual1989  
45.Cengiz SolmazParantez Cycling Team Elite1982  
46.Cenk BarutcuIndividual1969  
47.Cenk Sanşan4.451980  
48.Cenk TamayIndividual1970  
49.Çetin AksakIndividual1986  
50.Cihan ŞarIndividual1994  
51.Cihat YurtsevenAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü1963  
52.Davut MutafoğluIndividual1961  
53.Deniz ÜstündağIndividual1980  
54.Devrim ArdıçAntalyaspor1976  
55.Duygun Yurteriİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1984  
56.Efe Yamaç YarbaşıIndividual1990  
57.Egemen MercanlıoğluIndividual1991  
58.Emre BağdatIndividual1976  
59.Enginalp LeblebiciIndividual1997  
60.Erdem TopuzoğluIndividual1977  
61.Eren DemirbaşIndividual1996  
62.Erkan DönmezIndividual1986  
63.Erkin ArslanIndividual1977  
64.Erkmen ErakkuşMarathonist1991  
65.Ertan AyçetinBUBİDOSD1951  
66.Ertan SağolVelonight1976  
67.Ertan TatarIndividual1986  
68.Ertuğrul MengiDerdiyoklar1988  
69.Evren ÖzbilenIndividual1981  
70.Fatih AcarbulutIndividual1992  
71.Fatih ErtörünEgepedal1986  
72.Fatih NazmanIndividual1979  
73.Fatih SevinçIndividual1985  
74.Fatih Temizer4.451981  
75.Fatih Anıl TülüIndividual1988  
76.Ferhat KöseKaraman Gençlik Spor Kulübü1977  
77.Fırat DizmanBabaeski Spor1975  
78.Gökay AkçetinAntalyaspor1983  
79.Gökhan AlpmanBabaeski Spor1971  
80.Gökhan GoralıNekrop Paşa Spor Kulübü1978  
81.Gökhan GündüzIndividual1990  
82.Gökhan GünerIndividual1983  
83.Gökhan KutluerIndividual1986  
84.Gökhan SezginerIndividual1984  
85.Göksen ÇınarYüz Bin Koş1981  
86.Göktuğ BilginIndividual1972  
87.Göktuğ Han ArslanIndividual1973  
88.Güçlü Hakan GürsoyIndividual1974  
89.Gülşen TokaçMarathonist1979  
90.Hakan AkbaşIndividual1972  
91.Hakan BahrilliVelonight1979  
92.Hakan Şenözİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1970  
93.Hakan SertIndividual1978  
94.Haldun ÇetinkayaDerdiyoklar1981  
95.Harun DüzgörenIndividual1976  
96.Harun SayiIndividual1991  
97.Hasan SaylıkIndividual1987  
98.Hasan Nadir OrhanIndividual1988  
99.Hürol YavuztürkBabaeski Spor1971  
100.Hüseyin AydoğanIndividual1975  
101.Hüseyin SudaIndividual1966  
102.Hüseyin VardalIndividual1973  
103.Hüseyin Can SudaIndividual1994  
104.İbrahim SalarDelivelo1966  
105.İlhan HoşboyIndividual1984  
106.İlkut ErkişiAtilla Bisiklet Takımı1973  
107.İslam GölgeIndividual1983  
108.İsmail Evren YüzügüzelIndividual1983  
109.Kaan EryürekIndividual1986  
110.Kaan OsmanağaoğluIndividual1978  
111.Kaan ÖzçelikMarathonist1981  
112.Kağan DağtekinBorusan1975  
113.Kağan OnurerIndividual1977  
114.Kayhan YalınIndividual1980  
115.Kemal Burak ÖzIndividual1991  
116.Kerim BabacanIndividual1970  
117.Korhan ÖzdemirIndividual1975  
118.Korkut AnapaIndividual1976  
119.Kudsi Cenk UludoğanIndividual1971  
120.Levent ÖzgeçIndividual1976  
121.Mehmet KöroğluVelonight1976  
122.Mehmet Akif Ertürkİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1981  
123.Mehmet Mazlum ÖzpağdaMarathonist1957  
124.Mehmet Nuri ÖzdenIndividual1980  
125.Mert DemirIndividual1993  
126.Mert DermanAnkyra1975  
127.Mert KayhanIndividual1979  
128.Mert YalçınkayaIndividual1977  
129.Milhan DalgıçIndividual1969  
130.Muhammet AğanFlamme Rouge1983  
131.Murat GöksenIndividual1978  
132.Murat LutemIndividual1969  
133.Murat TütüncüFlamme Rouge1982  
134.Murat Kubilay ÖzgüçIndividual1996  
135.Mustafa ÇavuşIndividual1981  
136.Mustafa İlişeIndividual1985  
137.Mustafa SarıIndividual1986  
138.Mustafa TopalKaraman Gençlik Spor Klubü1995  
139.Mustafa Doğan Turhanİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1983  
140.Mutlu BaşdaşIndividual1990  
141.Mutlu ErçevikIndividual1970  
142.Muzaffer Aydın DiricanlıVeloturk1968  
143.Necmettin KapotIndividual1988  
144.Nejdet AvcıIndividual1955  
145.Oğuz AkbulutIndividual1988  
146.Oğuzhan TavusIndividual1968  
147.Oğuzhan YavuzIndividual1992  
148.Okan Can YantırVeloturk1979  
149.Olcay Emre ÇavuşoğluIndividual1980  
150.Olgun HatiboğluIndividual1983  
151.Önay BayramBabaeski Spor1977  
152.Onay TüzülIndividual1974  
153.Önder ÖzyılmazIndividual1977  
154.Ongun MızrakIndividual1965  
155.Onur ÇokarIndividual1985  
156.Onur KuzikIndividual1982  
157.Oral HurhunIndividual1988  
158.Ozan DuranIndividual1984  
159.Ozan FalayIndividual1981  
160.Özcan YılmazIndividual1974  
161.Özgen KamayIndividual1966  
162.Özgür AksamanF.A.S.T1979  
163.Özgür AşarIndividual1995  
164.Özkan ÇınarIndividual1995  
165.Pierre BastinIndividual1968  
166.Ramazan ErsoyIndividual1986  
167.Recep YünerIndividual1978  
168.Reşit ÇağırganIndividual1978  
169.Resul TuraIndividual1979  
170.Resul YılmazDerdiyoklar1985  
171.Rıfat KayaMurgul Spor İl Müdürlüğü1986  
172.Riza Hakan ErazIndividual1960  
173.Şafak Atilla AkpınarIndividual1988  
174.Sarper GünsalVeloturk1964  
175.Seçkin AkyıldızIndividual1981  
176.Selçuk AslanÇukurova Üniversitesi1987  
177.Şeref TuzcuBireysel1966  
178.Şeref Mete DinçerMavi Karga1983  
179.Serhat YılmazIndividual1984  
180.Serkan BoyracıAnkyra1987  
181.Serkan GazelIndividual1974  
182.Servet TopaloğluIndividual1980  
183.Seyit Hasan ÇabukFlamme Rouge1991  
184.Sibel YokuşKoşuyoruz1984  
185.Suavi Noyan KıranMavi Karga1977  
186.Talar UyarIndividual1989  
187.Taner TürkmenIndividual1979  
188.Tarkan KalaycıoğluTrabzon1971  
189.Taşkın KülekçiIndividual1977  
190.Tayfun KutluIndividual1966  
191.Timur PınarTeam ATTK1985  
192.Timur SöylemezIndividual1969  
193.Tolga GündüzAntalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü1974  
194.Tolga Zengin4.451994  
195.Tufan SağnakIndividual1979  
196.Tuna AYYILDIZBireysel1980  
197.Tuna KarahanIndividual1986  
198.Ufuk BalDerdiyoklar1992  
199.Ufuk BirizBabaeski Spor1969  
200.Uğur YemezIndividual1975  
201.Ulaş ApakIndividual1978  
202.Utku Erdem ÖzerIndividual1977  
203.Volkan AkmeşeDerdiyoklar1980  
204.Volkan EvinçIndividual1973  
205.Volkan YılmazIndividual1988  
206.Yakup KadıoğluKocaeli Gençlik Hizmetleri1979  
207.Yaşar VurmazIndividual1986  
208.Yaşar Kerem KüçükIndividual1978  
209.Yasin Kayaİstanbul Triatlon Spor Kulübü1974  
210.Yasin Cihat BingölGiant -Tr1983  
211.Yavuz AbadanIndividual1969  
212.Yiğit DuygunBabaeski Spor1979  
213.Yücel GüleşenoğluIndividual1979  
214.Zeynel OkurIndividual1963  
215.Ziyacan BayarIndividual1986  

List of Participants (Short Course)

NoName SurnameTeam / ClubBirth DateNationalityGender  
1.A.Kürşad Şarmanferdi1970  
2.Ahmet ÇilakIndividual1985  
3.Ahmet Faruk KeskinIndividual1993  
4.Ali Sinan DenizIndividual1981  
5.Alper ArslantürkIndividual1992  
6.Alpin YalçıIndividual1976  
7.Anıl ŞentürkIndividual1995  
8.Arifcan ErgülKüçükçekmece Bisiklet Grubu1991  
9.Belgin UtkuIndividual1963  
10.Burak ÖzçelikMarathonist1999  
11.Can Hakkı YanlıoğluIndividual1981  
12.Cengiz BektaşIndividual1971  
13.Cihan ÜnalKüçükçekmece Bisiklet Grubu1985  
14.Davut OcakIndividual1987  
15.Deniz GünsalIndividual1964  
16.Emrah GüçlüKüçükçekmece Bisiklet Grubu1989  
17.Emre EralpIndividual1986  
18.Fatih ÖzüdoğruIndividual1985  
19.Fatih UçarKoç University Cycling Team1996  
20.Gizem YaylıIndividual1987  
21.Gülen Canol TütüncüFlamme Rouge1982  
22.Hakan BörekçiIndividual1972  
23.Hande DemirayIndividual1979  
24.Hüseyin Oğuzhan ŞanAtilla Bisiklet Takımı1995  
25.İrfan TüretgenScott TR1973  
26.Mesut KöylüKüçükçekmece Bisiklet Grubu1973  
27.Murat ÇolakoğluIndividual1961  
28.Mustafa OralIndividual1978  
29.Onur Yiğit YayakBabaeski Spor1989  
30.Şafak TanoğluIndividual1987  
31.Semiral ÖztürkKüçükçekmece Bisiklet Grubu1978  
32.Şeyma Ateş OnurerIndividual1978  
33.Yağmur AkgünIndividual1978  
34.Yavuz GürkanIndividual1978  
35.Yılkı Hazar TopuzIndividual1989  
36.Yunus Emre BaştabakIndividual1992  

Info Point


Cappadocia located in Central Anatolia, Turkey, is a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage.


Urgup is easily accessible by domestic and international flights, by intercity buses, and by car.


Being a major tourism center, Urgup presents a wide selection of accommodation options for any budget.


Although the sun sets quicker in the fall, Urgup's climate is comfortable for cycling. Average temperature in September is 16°C.

"Cappadocia Chimneys Wikimedia Commons" by Benh LIEU SONG.


Cappadocia is a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage.

Cappadocia lies in Central Anatolia, largely in Nevsehir Province of Turkey. The relief consists of a high plateau over 1000 m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks. Sedimentary rocks formed in lakes and streams and ignimbrite deposits that erupted from ancient volcanoes approximately 9 to 3 million years ago underlie the Cappadocia region. The rocks of Cappadocia near Goreme eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars and chimney-like forms.

Cappadocia was known as Hatti in the late Bronze Age, and was the homeland of the Hittite power centred at Hattusa. After the fall of the Hittite Empire, Cappadocia was ruled by a sort of feudal aristocracy, dwelling in strong castles and keeping the peasants in a servile condition. It was included in the third Persian satrapy, but continued to be governed by rulers of its own. After bringing the Persian Empire to an end, Alexander the Great tried to rule the area through one of his military commanders. Around 60 BC, Cappadocia became a Roman province.

Cappadocia contains several underground cities, largely used by early Christians as hiding places before Christianity became an accepted religion. People of the villages at the heart of the region also carved out houses, churches and monasteries from the soft rocks of volcanic deposits. The region became a monastic centre in 300–1200 AD. The Goreme Open Air Museum, which is along the path of The North Face® Cappadocia Ultra Trail, is the most visited site of the monastic communities in Cappadocia and is one of the most famous sites in central Turkey. The complex contains more than 30 carved-from-rock churches and chapels, some having superb frescoes inside, dating from the 9th century to the 11th century.


Urgup is easily accessible by domestic and international flights, by intercity buses, and by car.

Detailed information on different means of transportation are listed below.


You may reach Cappadocia by Nevsehir Cappadocia (NAV) and Kayseri Erkilet International (ASR) airports. Complimentery shuttle service to and from Urgup will be provided by the organization for all flights landing to the airports. Please contact us for more details.


Bus travel in Turkey is economic and comfortable. You may reach Urgup by scheduled buses which depart from all major cities of Turkey. We recommend Metro Tourism.


If you are planning to reach Urgup by car, the travel takes about 4 hours from Ankara and 9 hours from Istanbul. Majority of the routes are double highway.


For accommodation in Urgup we recommend the following hotels that offer special prices for Salcano Cappadocia Bike Festival participants.

You can contact us for alternative hotels, room availability and rates.

Hitit Hotel

An Ottoman style house, which was built 600 years ago and hand-crafted with the natural stone of Cappadocia.

Istiklal Cad. No:46, Urgup

+90 384 3414481

30 €
40 €
50 €

Akuzun Hotel

Built of natural stone in 1989, this charming family-run hotel offers an ideal base to explore the surrounding countryside.

Yeni Cami Mah. Istiklal Cad. No.9, Urgup

+90 384 3413869

32 €
45 €
55 €

Urgup Evi Cave Hotel

A superbly appointed cave hotel that combines the best of a hotel and B&B.

Esbelli Mah. No:54, Urgup

+90 384 3413173

95 $
95 $
130 $

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel

B&B cave hotel with modern facilities located ideally in the rock hill above the town of Urgup.

Esbelli Mah. No:26, Urgup

+90 384 3416000

65 €
90 €
125 €
Prices include breakfast and taxes.


Urgup has a continental climate. The weather is mild and non-humid in September making it suitable for cycling.

Average temperature in Urgup during September is 16°C. Maximum and minimum temperatures are 25°C and 8°C, respectively. There is no humidity and rainfall is also low with a monthly average of 13 mm.

On September 9, 2015 sunrise will be at about 06:00 and sunset will be at about 19:00.
There will be 13 hours of daylight for cycling.

You can check daily weather forecast for Urgup at AccuWeather.com and Weather.com.


Salcano Cappadocia Bike Festival is organized by Argeus.

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