Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

Salcano Cappadocia Cycling Festival will host a Cross-country eliminator race (XCE).  

Four riders compete against each other in each heat. The two fastest riders get to the next round while the two slower riders are eliminated from the race.

2. Course

Location: Uçhisar Castle, Nevşehir, Turkey

Distance:  700 m.

Course includes artificial obstacles such as cobble stones, stairs (down), drops and wooden constructions.

3. Rules

Cross-country Eliminator are open to Elite Men and Elite Women Categories.

The main event comprises elimination heats in which the groups of riders are matched according to their most recent UCI individual ranking and then, Turkish National MTB Championships ranking in Elite, Masters and juniors category, respectively. The organizers may limit the number of participants and/or may exclude athletes who is not listed in the rankings of Turkish National MTB Championships.

Each heat will consist of 4 riders and will be run separately. The winner and first runner-up in each heat qualify for the subsequent round. Others will meet for small final in order to determine first 8 place in the ranking.

Heat order:

Men first until women come to equal heat system;

Finals: Women small final followed by women big final;

Men small final followed by men big final.

The XCE national champions must wear their XCE national jersey, and the XCE world champions their XCE world champions jersey.

A rider gained an advantage through intentional contact by pushing, pulling or other means, which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course will be disqualified by the commissaries' panel and will not advance subsequent rounds.

If the commissaries deem that the rider gained advantage, the rider may be relocated to lower place in subsequent rounds.

4. Categories

  • Elite Men

  • Elite Women

5. Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremony will be held on the race day after finish.

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