Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

Cappadocia Cyclists Village Gathering is a 4-day bicycle tour to be held on September 13-16, 2017.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the Cyclists Village Gathering is 250 TL per person.

The payments need to be made during the online registration.


Cycling Village will be open starting from 12:00 on September 12. Participants can put up their tents to the areas shown by the stuff from this hour. Only dinner will be served at the specified hours for the participants arriving on September 12.


Cycling Village will be closed at 12:00 on September 17. All participants are required to leave the area from this hour. Only breakfast will be served at the specified hours for the participants leaving on this date.

Days / Distances:

  • September 13 - Pasabag, 36 km, 610 m+
  • September 14 - Uzengi, 49 km, 860 m+
  • September 15 - Red River, 59 km, 960 m+
  • September 16 - Urgup, 40 km, 700 m+

What is included in the registration fee?

  • Jersey: One top jersey will be given to each participant.
  • Tent Area: Participants can set up their tents in the areas shown by staff in September 12-13-14-15-16. It is compulsory to bring your own tent. Participants who prefer to stay in hotels instead of tents can make reservation to the hotels on our website or a hotel of their choice by paying its cost.
  • Showers and Toilets: Showers and toilets will be available for our participants in camping area.
  • Meal: Dinner will be available in the camping area for our participants arriving on September 12. We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on September 13-14-15-16. The camping area will be closed after our breakfast service in the morning of September 17. Participants will need to pay for drinks in cash. Drinks will be sold at reasonable prices at the shop of the campsite during the festival.
  • Mechanical Support: A tent for mechanical support will be set up in the camping area. Bike materials used from the tent will be charged. It is advised for participants to come prepared against thorny plants since our festival will be held in autumn.
  • Transportation: Participants arriving by plane can book airport transfer on our web page for a fee. Coach companies will transfer the participants arriving by bus to Uchisar. Parking area is available for participants arriving with their own cars.
  • Security: As the roads will be open to traffic during the tour, participants will be accompanied by a police vehicle. Besides, a few motorized and cycle officers will ensure road safety. An ambulance, a bicycle transport vehicle and two passenger vans will also follow the group. Our organization offers only the ambulance service. Health care costs belong to the participants.

Cappadocia Cyclists Village Gathering aims to make local people love cycling with a number of social events to be held together with the tour and to introduce both cultural and natural features of Cappadocia to the cyclists coming from various regions of our country and abroad.

Cappadocia Cyclists Village Gathering, a joint project of our city that we plan to realize based on the pleasure of viewing the unique wonders of Cappadocia, The Land of Beautiful Horses in the rotational speed of a bicycle wheel, is a project which aims to bring together many cyclists from the different parts of our country and world. With a team blended with different cultures in different age ranges, creating a social sharing environment accompanied with camping and cycling activities is our main goal in order to emphasize the friendly, sympathetic, peaceful, and unifying aspects of cycling.

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List of Participants

No Name Surname Team Birth Date Country Gender   
2 Kenan Uzun bisiklet sevenler derneği kdz ereğli 1996    
3 Mehmet Salih Yıldırım 1980    
4 Denizhan Sarıhan ÇUGEZ 1967    
5 Ülgen Kökeş Sarıhan Çügez 1971    
6 Rıza Dinçer Çukurova Doğa Gezginleri Spor Kulübü 1963    
7 Yalçın Akçe Ankara 1979    
8 Hatice İnan VELESBİD 1991    
9 Hasan Semih Kaplanoğlu 1963    
10 Irfan Voyvoda Pamukkale Bisiklet Dernegi 1955    
11 Sevcan Voyvoda Pamukkale Bisiklet Dernegi 1960    
12 Bengisu Burma ÇUGEZ 1974    
13 Selçuk Erkek 1975    
14 Bora Akyüzlü 1974    
15 Reşat Doğan 1981    
16 Murat Çağlar Hamzaçebi bis39 1980    
17 Adnan Gürbüz Ankara 1964    
18 Cihan Necat Kavi KarameLio 1983    
19 Çiğdem Kavi KarameLio 1985    
20 Atila Çelebican Efes Bisiklet 1955    
21 Kadir Saril Pedal35 1982    
22 Mestan Özyer Pedal 35 İzmir 1957    
23 Ahmet Özler 1968    
24 Murat Öztürk 1970    
25 Zekeriya Özen PedalON 1971    
26 Saliha Karahasan bireysel 1977    
27 Ümit Yavuz Bireysel 1980    
28 Ahmet Gökoğlu 1968    
29 Orhan Erdi Köleli 1984    
30 Yunus Bozkurt 1984    
31 Meliha Bas 1982    
32 Şükran Naldemir BİREYSEL 1972    
33 M. Hakan Güler 1968    
34 Hicran Güler 1972    
35 Ersin Annak 1974    
36 Rıza Erdemir 1973    
37 Elifsu Dilek Şen 1974    
38 Henk Steverink 1953    
39 Melih Yetiş 1962    
40 Savaş Acar 1974    
41 Ferhat Kesik 1977    
42 Doğuş Yanbuloğlu BİREYSEL 1978    
43 Murat Alp 1979    
44 Okan İnci Ferdi 1995    

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